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One Day Latvian Experience


Latvians are true children of nature.

We absolutely love to spend time in forests and swim in lakes and rivers. We love to grow our own vegetables and collect them in autumn or pick them and prepare a delicious lunch.

We love simple countryside life and we love spending time with our loved ones by eating together in someone's garden or someone’s home especially in summer or spring seasons.

In some families, we still do canning. We go tea picking, dry it and drink in the cold seasons of the year. We do mushroom and wild berry picking, eat it while fresh or storage it for the winter.

With this tour, you can get to experience all of this and learn interesting things from how our greatgrandparents used to live.


Duration 9-10 hours


  • 1,5 hours travel to the region of Kurzeme where you will be surrounded by Latvia nature and Latvian countryside     local people                    

  • Food picking in my family's garden                        

  • Latvian food cooking and learning some interesting phrases, words and songs in Latvian

  • Swimming in a lake surrounded by green forest or in the river of the widest waterfall in Europe

  • Tea picking - the best "souvenir" to take back to your home country as a gift for someone or to treat your loved ones at their visits

  • Fishing, wild berry picking




   *ALL the activities will depend of the season of the year.  

   *The tour is not suitable for children younger than 12 years

   *The tour includes the trip and the lunch.

   *Free cancellation 24 hours before the tour.

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