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We are a brother and a sister, very in love with the beautiful country of Latvia and with a strong wish to show it to the rest of the world. 


Due to family issues and the young age, more than 10 years ago, we took a decision to move from Latvia and try to find our home in other countries- England and Spain. 

However, when living abroad, we always came back to Latvia for a visit. At the beginning it used to be one week holiday, later two weeks, after, it became 3 weeks or, even, a month. Year after year, visiting our country,  we started to see Latvia with totally different eyes, and the most important, we realised the beauty and the uniqueness of this country. 

The living abroad experience and constant visits made us see how special and different Latvia is and how much we love it. That´s when we decided to move back and create Travelling Latvia to be able to share these feelings with everyone who comes to visit it.

We can definitely say that, thanks to the many years of being away from home, we know exactly what is it that you must see and do when coming on trip here.

Let us share this love with you and experience the best day tour on your holiday in Latvia!

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The innocence and tranquility of nature, the beautiful blue lakes and

fast-flowing rivers, the never-ending large green fields, and the magic of

going to the forest and picking berries or just eating an apple picked straight

from the tree, the love for nature and the need to spend time in it, the old

untouched buildings and the small charming cities, the unique celebrations and

the magic of the four seasons.

All of these simple pleasures is what makes

Latvia so pure and so attractive.

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Baiba & Gints

"Cause everything we do is for the love of Latvia"

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